What is Thirtymin?

Thirtymin is a mobile app that enables members to book 30-minute meetings with available hosts and meet them in person.

Who can register with Thirtymin?

Any adult above 18 years of age.

Who is eligible to submit a meeting request?

Any member with a completed profile can submit a meeting request.

How many applicants can apply for a single meeting?

Ten applicants.

When a request is successfully submitted does it mean that it is being accepted?

No, the meeting owner will accept only one request after the submission and the winner will be notified.

How does the meeting owner select a winner?

The choice is up to him. The meeting owner will check the profile of each applicant, read the note he wrote and select a winner who seems most interesting to him.

What happens with the rest of the applicants after the meeting owner selects the winner?

Their applications will be cancelled automatically and they will be notified to try again with a different meeting.

How does the applicant know when he's been accepted?

The notification will appear on his screen and he will receive an email.

When is the winner being informed about the meeting location?

After being accepted, the winner will be able to see the location on the meeting page within the app and in the confirmation email.

Who can create a meeting?

Everyone who signs up with Thirtymin, completes the profile and creates a meeting.

Do I have to pay for a meeting?

It depends. If a host posts a free meeting, then no. If he posts a paid meeting, then yes. Paid meetings are common for famous people, influencers and experts in their field of work.

Do you allow that meeting parties to evaluate each other?

Yes, when a meeting ends, both the meeting owner and the applicant can evaluate each other and display their rating publicly.

Can I charge my appointments?

All users with completed profiles can make their appointments free or paid.