If you could meet anyone for 30 minutes - who would you meet?

Thirtymin gives you the best chance to connect with people that might seem unreachable.

With Thirtymin you don't need an introduction to meet with a famous person or influencer, role model, an expert in your field of work or someone who shares your interests.

You apply for a meeting with the host who is at the same location as you are.
If he picks you out of ten other applicants, you'll get to meet him in person.

So why don't you meet someone who can make a difference in your life or business?
So much could happen in 30 minutes.

Make it precious.


ThirtyMin App LTD

6-9 Trinity Street
Dublin 2

Phone: +353 1 617 7879
Fax: +353 1 617 7880


  • Ali Y. Magzoub Co-Founder, CEO
  • Marko Prljic Marko Prljic Co-Founder, Product designer
  • Alen Karlovcec CTO, iOS developer
  • Martina Molinari Martina Molinari CMO
  • Vedran Vidakovic Android developer
  • Vilim Duganic Back-end developer
  • Sasa Foric Front-end developer
  • Yahya O'noor Community manager (MENA)

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