30 minute meetings with someone who matters

Pitch an idea. Forge a friendship. Share a story. Learn what makes people tick.

No introduction needed.

Hiten Shah

“It’s possible to learn something from every single person you meet. Just depends on your perspective.”

Hiten Shah @hnshah

How it works

Thirtymin users thrive on the power of spontaneity and urgency.

7 days ahead

The meeting has to happen within 7 days and only for 30 minutes, so both sides are motivated to make it count.

30 minutes only

30 minutes only

Time is precious for both you and the person you’re meeting with. 30 minutes is all you get, so make sure you’ll do plenty of prep.

The host selects a guest

The host selects a guest

Ten people compete for a meeting. The host chooses one who’s guaranteed to meet with him in person.

Free or Paid meetings

Your host might be an expert in his field or a famous person so he could charge his 30 minutes accordingly.

Diego Fagundez

“Crazy how people change after meeting new people.”

Diego Fagundez @DiegoFagundez14